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Anton Klamroth (Moscow 1860 – 1929 Leipzig)

A Princess

Pastel and watercolour on paper.
25 x 20cm. (10 x 8 in. apprx) Period frame.

Biography: A pastel and watercolourist, he was born on the 29th of April 1860, in Moscow, the son of a German conductor of the Imperial Opera. In 1882 he moved to the Technical University in Charlotenberg to study architecture, but instead he dedicated his time to the study of painting. In 1883, he then went to the Berlin Academy. He first exhibited there in 1887 - A Portrait of a Woman. In 1888 he became an independent artist in Berlin. In 1890-1892 he spent some time in Meiningen, where he made numerous portraits of Military Officers; apart from trips to Paris 1894, Holland in 1909, Belgium and Egypt in 1905, Klamroth lived permanently in Leipzig from 1892; he was well respected there amongst his contemporaries and he became highly sought after. Apart from genre, and allegorical images, landscapes and architecture, he mainly executed portraits in pastel, watercolour or chalk and sometimes in oil. From 1897 onwards, he sent these works to the Paris Salon, to the Berlin Kunstausst, to the Munich Glass Palace and the Leipzig Kunst; his skill and sensitive handling, won him many admirers and commissions amongst the intellectual elite of Leipzig. He was a member of the Society of Beaux Arts, and a member the Deutcha Kunst. He went on to found a painting and drawing school for ladies and in 1913 the Kunst in Gotha organised an exhibition accompanied with a catalogue featuring 78 of his works. These were bought by Duke Carl Edward Von Saschen-Coburg of Gotha and became part of the Castle Collection. Our pastel is alleged to have come from this collection. Other works by his hand, are kept in the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig, in the Museum of the City of Leipzig and in the Jahn-Museum in Fryburg. Anton Klamroth died in 1929 in Leipzig.